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Biocampus Facility

BVL acquired freehold on the BioCampus 03/13

Superb biotechnology development site

Situated 8 miles from Edinburgh City Centre within a complex that includes, Moredun, Pentlands Science Park, Edinburgh Vet School & Edinburgh Technopole

BioCampus building will provides 50,000 sq ft of under roof.

Benchmark will develop a new state of the art vaccine facility specifically for high volume products and bulk antigens to help supply the growth of the company going forward.


High volume filling and freeze drying line – 120,000 single dose freeze dried vial batch size. 

Flexible filling suite – 3000lt blend volume for 500ml or 1000ml packs, oily or aqueous types. 

Flexible antigen production suite, automated egg or monolayers.

Support function- quality control, warehouse, cold store, packing.

Animal health Division Head Quarter Functions

  • Sales and marketing
  • Administration and HR
  • Finance
  • R&D
  • IT
  • Development laboratory 
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Braintree Biotechnology Building

Automated Egg processing/Monolayers- 5 Million eggs per annum.

Recombinant microbial fermentation - 100, 400, 1200lts Fermenter train.

Down stream processing – Alfa Laval disc stack centrifuge and chromatography. 

New quality control laboratory. 

Warner Drive facility 

Roller Bottle monolayer

Cell Factories monolayer 

Manual egg processing

Cell Bioreactors

Blending Fill and Freeze drying 

Process development 

Support function- Q.C., warehouse, cold store, packing…. 

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